Got Engines Complaints has a staff of qualified technicians that have years of experience in the automobile engine business. The staff has in-depth knowledge of new, rebuilt, and remanufactured engines. We help people from all walks of life find the engine they need for a restoration project or for day-to-day use. We service people the old fashion way, which is by using no-nonsense common sense customer service without the sales hype.

Our inventory changes daily and prices fluctuate depending on market conditions so our customer service department stays on top of this fast pace industry by doing research and asking questions. When our customers call, they are ready to answer simple questions about engines as well as unexplained technical issues that plague some engines. The amount of information that is exchanged on a daily basis is extensive, and some of that information falls into the complaint arena.

Got engines handles complaints the way they are meant to be handle; they listen and then act based on the information given. Most complaints are the result of confusion in terms engine size, or expectations that exceed the engine’s capacity. We understand that every complaint is an opportunity so we treat each one with respect, and we focus on solving the issue the best way possible.

The engine industry is not an exact science so there may be issues that surface after transactions are completed. That’s why we have a customer service department that’s trained to resolve unexpected customer issues. We stand behind all of our engines, and offer warranties to ensure performance. In spite of that complaints develop so we make it a point to cover as much information as we can up before the sale, and that usually eliminates most issues. is in business to service all your engine needs, and we value you as a customer. If you do have a complaint about an engine transaction please let us know so we can resolve the issue quickly.

Most of out clients understand that there is always an element of the unexpected lurking around engine designs so we discuss those issues before a new or remanufactured engine is shipped from our warehouse.

Our mission statement includes customer satisfaction. We go above and beyond normal to achieve that mission. We are here to serve when transactions are smooth, and are always present when there’s an issue that needs attention. Customer satisfaction is the foundation for our success.